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Kirk Callender recently became our Nissan Commercial Vehicles Specialist here at Nissan of Keene.

He is spending some of his time at the dealership- while the rest is spent on the road, bringing Nissan Commercial Vehicles to potential new customers.

So why not contact Kirk- and have him bring a Nissan Commercial Vehicle right to your business?

He would be happy to oblige.

Kirk has found that Nissan Commercial Vehicles customers are typically small business owners who don’t have much in the way of spare time- so he brings the vehicles to them. His travels have brought him to many parts of New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as Massachusetts.

“It’s fun traveling to different towns and meeting new people every day”, he says. “There’s nothing like it. The small business owners in this area are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.”


“If you are looking for a commercial truck in VT, NH, or MA, and don’t have much time to waste- give me a call”, says Kirk. “I’ll be happy to bring one to you. I think you will be very impressed.”

Kirk can be reached at 888-266-3408 , and his e-mail address is kirk@nissanofkeene.com.



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